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NetWorks December 2011

  • TECHNOLOGY PLANNING: 2012 tech trends: what you should focus on
  • TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Cloud Computing as a threat to older tech companies
  • COMPANY NEWS: Primus Canada significantly expands VoIP service area
  • HIRING & EMPLOYEES: Small business owners stressed by shortage of skilled tradespeople
  • HIRING & EMPLOYEES: How small businesses can hire the right people
  • Did you know? Use our Business Value Bundle Cost Savings Calculator to see how much money you could save each month

NetWorks November 2011

  • BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY: The need for speed: the Ethernet revolution
  • COMPANY NEWS: Primus Canada expanding its Data Centre footprint in the Greater Toronto Area
  • BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY: Online means on top: make sure you get the most out of Internet technology
  • COMPANY NEWS: Primus Business Services selected as 2011 Microsoft Partner Network IMPACT Awards finalist
  • ENTREPRENEURS: The biggest small business rule I wish I'd followed
  • IT SECURITY: How to protect your business against cyber attacks
  • Did you know? BEX - Business Ethenet Xtended was designed with redundancy built-in to eliminate the chances of your internet access failing

NetWorks October 2011

  • BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY: Trends in telephony that bode well for your business
  • IT SECURITY: Security in the cloud
  • IT SECURITY: Cybercrime cost Canadians $840 million last year
  • IT SECURITY: Q&A: Exploring the growing threat of cyber crime
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: 10 surprising stats about small business in Canada
  • COMPANY NEWS: Small Business Week a success!
  • TECH TIP: 10 questions to ask before buying a business phone system

NetWorks September 2011

  • SMALL BUSINESS STRATEGY: Cloud computing for SMEs: bandwagon or good business strategy?
  • TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT: SIP Trunking - Cut the cord
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY: How not to outgrow your disaster recovery plan
  • BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY: Cloud Computing may be a shot in the arm our economy needs
  • COMPANY NEWS: AIMCo and NexgenRx choose Primus Business Services
  • TECH TIP: Find out whether you're eligible for Primus SIP Trunking

NetWorks August 2011

  • SMALL BUSINESS STRATEGY: Small businesses and the web: A love affair that keeps growing
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Disaster Recovery - the death of tape
  • TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT: Ten must-have technology tools for small business owners
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: 3 questions you should ask before committing to a large operational expense
  • COMPANY NEWS: Primus now offers SIP Trunking nationally
  • TECH TIP: Find out how much could you save by switching to a Hosted Phone System with our HPBX ROI Calculator

NetWorks July 2011

  • SMALL BUSINESS STRATEGY: How to operate like a big company (even if you're not)
  • LEADERSHIP: Bad IT worker habits: Break them before they break you
  • TECHNOLOGY PLANNING: Where are your servers?
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Survey: Entrepreneurship is widely respected among Canadians but small businesses still face big challenges
  • TECHNOLOGY CONCEPTS: Cloud Computing: A summary
  • TECH TIP: Test your internet speed and review your options with our Business Internet Speed Test

NetWorks June 2011

  • TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT: Choosing a technology partner
  • SMALL BUSINESS PLANNING: Working from home or anywhere else in the world: Globalize your Small Business
  • TECHNOLOGY PLANNING: 10 tips you need to know when buying a phone system
  • COMPANY NEWS: Impact of a Canada Post strike on paper bill delivery
  • COMMUNITY NEWS: Proud supporter of our local communities
  • DID YOU KNOW: Save 25% with a Business Value Bundle

NetWorks May 2011

  • BUSINESS PLANNING: Effective strategies for managing the multi-location office
  • TECHNOLOGY PLANNING: Public vs. private clouds: How CIOs can decide
  • TECHNOLOGY CONCEPTS: VIDEO - Primus Canada's VP of network services on Cloud Computing
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Business groups decry Canada Post rate hikes
  • COMPANY NEWS: Accessible Media chooses Primus Business Services to consolidate technology infrastructure
  • DID YOU KNOW: Using two computer monitors

NetWorks April 2011

  • TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT: New protocol opens door to technology innovation
  • TECHNOLOGY: 5 things small business owners should know about bandwidth
  • TECHNOLOGY CONCEPTS: Are you cloudy on cloud computing?
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Strong loonie helping small business investment
  • COMPANY NEWS: Primus acquires Unlimitel Inc.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Voicemail password security tips

NetWorks March 2011

  • BUSINESS TRENDS: 2011: Some big trends that will affect your business
  • PRODUCT NEWS: Introducing Primus BEX - Business Ethernet Xtended
  • TECHNOLOGY: Soaring upwards with cloud communications
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Half of Canada's small businesses think economy is "recovering slightly"
  • BUSINESS PLANNING: Prepare your network now for the cloud, says analyst
  • DID YOU KNOW: Hosted PBX 4-digit dialing

NetWorks January 2011

  • TECHNOLOGY: Cloud Computing - Is it Time to Switch?
  • COMPANY NEWS: Take Advantage of Our Current Promotions
  • MARKETING & ADVERTISING: Small Business Survey: Marketing a Priority in 2011
  • TECHNOLOGY: What is HD Voice Technology?
  • BUSINESS NEWS: Bank of Canada Survey Finds Corporate Optimism
  • TECH TIP: Top 5 Trends of The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

NetWorks December 2010

  • BUSINESS PLANNING: Taking Stock: Are You Ramped Up for the New Year?
  • COMPANY NEWS: Primus Canada Receives Full PCI Compliance, CICA 5970 Type B, SAS70 Type II Certifications
  • FINANCE NEWS: Year-End Tax Tips for Business Owners
  • FINANCE NEWS: HST Transition Assistance for Ontario Small Business Owners
  • MARKETING & ADVERTISING: Even for Brick-and-Mortars, Web Search Marketing is Key
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: The New Rules of Handling Customer Complaints
  • TECH TIP: The Best Business Books of 2010 for Business Owners

NetWorks November 2010

  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Small Business Owners Anxious About Network Security and Digital Convergence: Survey
  • FINANCE NEWS: PCI Compliance: What Is It, and What's New?
  • MARKETING & ADVERTISING: Developing a Plan for the Web
  • INDUSTRY ADVOCACY: Foreign Ownership Rules in the Telecom Industry: It Affects Us All
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Communities in Boom: Canada's Top Entrepreneurial Cities in 2010
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Provincial Policies Harming Economy: Survey
  • TECH TIP: How to Pick the Right Small Business Accounting Software

NetWorks October 2010

  • BUSINESS TREND: 6 Ways to Boost your Mobile Productivity
  • MARKETING & ADVERTISING: How to Write a Press Release
  • BUSINESS TIP: Co-Sourcing for Success
  • GOVERNMENT: 'Political' Cyberattacks Hit Half of Large Companies
  • CONTESTS & PROMOTIONS: Win 2 Tickets to Community Rocks
  • TECH TIP: Bringing Order to the Chaos of a Business Card Collection

NetWorks September 2010

  • BUSINESS TREND: On the Move and Away From the Office: Mobile Workforce on the Increase
  • INDUSTRY TERM: Results of our Cloud Computing Poll
  • BUSINESS TIP: Use the "10-40" Rule to Improve Your Presentations
  • SERVICE UPDATE/PROMOTION: New Polycom® Hosted PBX Phones
  • MARKETING & ADVERTISING: How to Use Social Media to Find New Customers
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Don't Miss Out - Our Free Business Consultation
  • TECH TIP: Sprouter "Answers"

NetWorks August 2010

  • INDUSTRY TERM: What Is Cloud Computing and Is It Right For Your Business?
  • MARKETING & ADVERTISING: Boosting your Search Engine Optimization
  • SERVICE UPDATE/PROMOTION: Introducing Our New Polycom® Hosted PBX Phones
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Small Business Owners are Very Happy... And Very Busy!
  • SMALL BUSINESS NEWS: Back by Popular Demand - Our Free Business Consultation
  • TECH TIP: GetConnected Office 2010 Tips Library

NetWorks July 2010

  • BUSINESS NEWS: Reducing your Tax Burden
  • INTERNET TRENDS: Should You Use Social Media in Your B2B Marketing?
  • BUSINESS TIP: Building Good Relationships with Suppliers
  • BUSINESS TIP: Close the Cash Flow Gap

NetWorks June 2010

  • BUSINESS NEWS: Countdown to the HST
  • INTERNET TRENDS: Get Ready for Marketing in New Ways
  • SERVER CO-LOCATION: Outsourced or In-House?
  • INDUSTRY NEWS: 15-Point Action Plan from Canada 3.0 Digital Forum
  • SECURITY: Investing in Web Security
  • TECH TIP: Backbone Magazine Technology Test

NetWorks May 2010

  • BUSINESS NEWS: Are you ready for the Harmonized Sales Tax?
  • TECHNOLOGY NEWS: The Digital Universe Decade
  • PRESS RELEASE: Velocity Expands Application Hosting in Canada Through New Relationship With Primus Business Services
  • BUSINESS NEWS: Canadian Entrepreneurism Alive and Kicking
  • TECH TIP: authorSTREAM